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Flame retardant
Pass the Chinese BF1 test to meet fire protection requirements
British BS 4790 & BS 5287 hot metal nut test, low radius effect...

Meet the requirements of GB18587-2001 ,carpet underlay A grade requirements

Environmental protection
90% of the products are made of recycled sponge, which can be recycled by itself. 70% of foreign carpets are made of recycled cotton carpet.

Good resilience
Extend the life of the carpet. The pad actually absorbs the impact and makes your carpet more comfortable



  • Novotel Century Hong Kong
  • Cordis Hotel.Hong Kong
  • Xindu Hotel Shenzhen
  • Ascott Hotel Guangzhou
  • Nanhua International Hotel Dongguan


  • What are the carpet construction requirements?

    3 The carpet should be inserted into the seam between the card and the baseboard; 2 The joints with different types of buildings should be closed according to the design requirements.

  • Carpet Underlay- 6 materials

    Fiber liningA liner made of fiber entangled or matted by needle punched fiber felt.2. Foam rubber liner backingBasically formed from vulcanized rubber foam.3.