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Company Profile

Andian   Carpet underlay, wooden flooring underlay --- As an expert in renewable sponge liner for 16 years, the company was established in 1999.

Products are mainly sold to star-rated hotels domestically, Hong Kong, Macao, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Flammability: China Flame Retardant: BF1 Test. Meet the fire-protection requirement.
BS 4790 & BS5287 Hot Metal Nut Test:pass-Low radius of effect.

Emissions: In compliance with GB18587-2001 standards  carpet underlay A-level requirement, it is to provide customers with a healthier life and home

It is the duty of everyone on our planet to protect nature. Andian is committed to weakening our influences on the environment by reducing landfills, because products are made of 90% recycled sponges and they are completely recyclable. The living environment is a great concern of today’s society which is based on environmental protection, pollution prevention and social economy. And reproducible cotton carpet underlay is used in 70% of foreign wall-to-wall carpeting projects.

To select Andian regenerated sponge carpet underlay: Good resilience will help to the extension of carpet life. Actually, the liner can absorb the impact to make your carpet feel more comfortable. New carpets are an important investment, so the selection of a high-quality carpet liner is essential.

For guests who have a request for wooden flooring underlay, you will be provided with the termite-proof function to prevent the wooden flooring underlay from being intruded by white ants. The noise reduction of 30% will create a quiet environment to you.
Andian is a high-quality product. And its production experience of spongy liner for 16 years has actually ensured the carpet underlay and wooden flooring underlay quality.